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Cowboy Bob’s Toothache

One day, Cowboy Bob woke up in a puddle of vomit under his favorite card table at The Bar with an exquisite throbbing sensation at the back of his filthy mouth.  His teeth had their usual morning coat of moss surrounding them, and, as he looked into the old mirror behind the bar at The Bar, he saw their yellow-brown crookedness was just as it had always been.

But one of them, far in the back, seemed to throb right along with his heartbeat.

“One of my teeth, far in the back, seems to throb right along with my heartbeat,” Cowboy Bob said to Gordon.

Gordon was snoring into a puddle of urine and spilled beer that may or may not have been his own.  His underwear were on his head.

“Bbbbblort,” said Gordon.

“You want your dirty underwear on your head?” Cowboy Bob said.

“Bbbbblort,” said Gordon.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bartender, had long since gone home and left Gordon and Cowboy Bob to sleep in squalor on the floor.

“Arnold Scwarzenegger, the bartender, has long since gone home and left us to sleep in squalor on the floor,” said Cowboy Bob.

“Bbbbblort,” said Gordon.

“Wake up, cunthole,” said Cowboy Bob.  Cowboy Bob commenced to kick Gordon in the ass.

After about an hour and a half, Gordon woke up, but by then, Cowboy Bob’s tooth hurt like a motherfucker.

“My tooth hurts like a motherfucker,” said Cowboy Bob.

“You’d better go to the dentist,” said Gordon.

“The door is locked,” said Cowboy Bob.

“I got it,” Gordon said.  He lowered his head and rammed into the door at full speed.  The door busted to bits.

“You busted the door to bits,” said Cowboy Bob.

They stumbled outside into the lovely yellowish glow of a duststorm.  Cowboy Bob untethered his horse, Jackass, fucked it, and then commenced to ride off into the dust to the dentist’s office.  Gordon went back in the bar, drank a whole bottle of whiskey, and vomited.  Then he drank another bottle of whiskey and vomited again.  Then he took a nap.

The Town’s only dentist, Dentist Leary, lived in a little wooden cottage just outside The Town, right between Rabbi Ahmed Hong-Wa Magillcuddy’s Temple and another building that was either a church or a slaughterhouse.

Cowboy Bob stomped into Dentist Leary’s office.

“My tooth hurts, Dentist Leary,” said Cowboy Bob.

Dentist Leary had Rabbi Ahmed Hong-Wa Magillicuddy in his chair and was busy cleaning his teeth with some sort of scouring pad.

“You have to make an appointment, Cowboy Bob,” said Dentist Leary.

“No I don’t, you tub of lard,” said Cowboy Bob.

Dentist Leary threw the scouring pad on the floor and stomped over to Cowboy Bob.

“All right, your tooth, hurts?  Well, I’ll pull it out for ya!”  Dentist Leary punched Cowboy Bob in the mouth.

“Ayakk!” said Cowboy Bob.  It hurt like a motherfucker, but goddamn if the sore tooth didn’t fall right out.

“Now get the hell out of here, you buttlicker!” Dentist Leary said.  Then he picked up the scouring pad and commenced to clean Rabbi Ahmed Hong-Wa Magillicuddy’s teeth with it again.

Cowboy Bob got on his horse, Jackass, and rode back to The Ranch.  Jimby and Jumby were busy massaging Enrico the Heifer when he got there.  Pap Jackass and Grandpa Wannabe were up in their barn loft, knitting and masturbating.

“Dentist Leary punched me in the mouth,” said Cowboy Bob.

Jimby and Jumby immediately stopped massaging Enrico the Heifer and went to grab their guns.

“Lets shoot Dentist Leary until he looks like one big bloody piece of Swiss cheese,” said Jimby.

“Yeah,” said Jumby.

The all rode back to Dentist Leary’s office, except for Old Man Young, who had to take a dump.

“Come on out, Dentist Leary,” Cowboy Bob called lethargically.  “We must duel.”

Dentist Leary came out and shot the gun out of Cowboy Bob’s hand.  Then he shot the hat off Cowboy Bob’s head.  Cowboy Bob bent over to pick up his hat, and Dentist Leary shot him in the ass.  Cowboy Bob fell in the mud.  The whole thing was just embarrassing.  Jimby shot Dentist Leary in the eyeball.  Dentist Leary kicked the bucket.

Sherriff Popooly came and put Jimby, Jumby and Cowboy Bob in the drunk tank for shooting Dentist Leary.

“You’ll stay in there until you find us a new dentist,” said Sherriff Popooly.

“They can’t find a new dentist in the drunk tank, buttchunk,” said Mayor McCheese.  Mayor McCheese kicked Sherriff Popooly in the face.  Then he let Cowboy Bob, Jimby and Jumby out of the drunk tank.

They went back to The Bar, where Arnold Schwarzenegger was busy fixing a new door.  A dude sitting at the bar just happened to be a dentist, Dentist DeMenace, and they beat him up so bad he agreed to go live in Dentist Leary’s old house.  Gordon vomited all over the new door and Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked him out.  Gordon cried.



The Return of Cowpoop

One day, Cowboy Bob was at The Ranch, giving Enrico the Heifer his daily spongebath, when Gordon, the town drunk, came clopping along on his pet donkey, Smallpox.

“Cowboy Bob!” Gordon bellowed from atop the grunting, braying Smallpox.  “Cowpoop has returned!  He is beating up people in The Bar and shooting up the place!”

Cowboy Bob jumped on his horse, Jackass, and rode off into town.  On the way, he found Old Man Young picking dandelions along the trail.

“Let’s go cut off Cowboop’s yeasty codpiece and glue it to his forehead,” Old Man Young said reflectively.  “Then he will be a unicorn.”

“Then we can cut off his buttcheeks with a rusty saw and make him eat them,” said Cowboy Bob.

When they got to The Bar, Cowpoop had chained Arnold Schwarzenegger to the wall and commenced to whip the shit out of him with an authentic Mexican bullwhip.  Ka-whack!  Arnold Schwarzenegger shrieked and bawled as the authentic Mexican bullwhip slashed three inches deep into his flesh, splitting his skin.  Big bloody hunks of meat flew from his back and splattered everywhere.

“Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwggggg!” howled Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Cowpoop!” Cowboy Bob bellowed.  “Come over here and fight like a man, you fat, disgusting dickmouth.”

Cowboy Bob drew his pistol.  Cowpoop whipped it out of his hand with the authentic Mexican bullwhip.  Cowboy Bob screamed.  Cowpoop whipped the whip around Cowboy Bob’s neck and commenced to choke him.

Just then Old Man Young came in and pulled out his old rusty shotgun.  He pointed the old rusty shotgun at Cowpoop and pulled the trigger.  The old rusty shotgun blew up and burned all the hair off Old Man Young’s face.  Old Man Young commenced to scream as his blackened face melted from his skull.

“Arrrgh!” Old Man Young howled philosophically.  “My Old Rusty Shotgun done blowed up, and I can’t see jack shit!  I will pop your testicles for this, Cowpoop!”

“You’ll be poppin the Devil’s testicles down in the Kingdom of Hades, you filthy old pukedrinking puddle of armadillo piss,” Cowpoop said.  Cowpoop shot Old Man Young in the balls.  Old Man Young’s balls blew up like the firecrackers the Chinamen who lived in tents on the outskirts of The Town sold for a bargain, right along with Opium and Chinaman pussy.  Blood and jism and chunks of Old Man Young’s balls flew all over the place, and a stray dog commenced to eat chunks of Old Man Young’s balls and lick up his splattered blood and jizzum from the floor.  Old Man Young lay on the floor and screamed while he bled to death out of his ballsack.

Just then, Gordon came in with Jimby and Jumby.  They had heard shots and screams and whipcracks and whatnot while they off playing Pinochle on an old dry rainbarrel with Pap Jackass and Grandpa Wannabe and had come on the run.  They were covered in sweat and smelled like rubbish and armpits.  Gordon had urinated in his underwear and smelled even worse.

“I’ll kill ev’ry last one of you shitstained horse’s ass dungheap dickmouth fuckwad fagsters!” Cowpoop postulated effeminately.  He shot the hat off Jimby’s head.

Cowboy Bob shot Cowpoop in the ear.  Cowpoop’s ear blew off.

“YEEEEEEORRRRRMMMM!” Cowpoop said.  He forgot all about shooting the shit out of people.  He threw his gun down in the dirt and commenced to jump up and down with a hand over the hole where his ear used to be.  The sweet summer breeze made a sort of whistling sound in his head, and blood jetted from between his fingers.

“You shot me in the ear, you picker and eater of corn-shit kernels!” Cowpoop cooed.

“What’re we gonna do with him?” Gordon yelled over the ruckus.

“Shoot the shit out of him” said Jimby.

“Yeah,” said Jumby.

“Wait,” Cowboy Bob said.  “Tie him up.”

They talked it over and decided to do the moral thing and have him lynched without a trial.  So they tied him to a chair and sent Gordon off to get Sheriff Popooly.

“What are we gonna do about Old Man Young?” said Cowboy Bob.  Old Man Young was still conscious, having put a tourniquet around his genitals, and he was jittering and moaning.

“We’re gonna hafta put him out of his misery,” Jimby said.  “It’s the humane thing to do.”  Then he commenced to stomp on Old Man Young’s head.
Just then Gordon came back with Sheriff Popooly and Dr. Zaius.

“Don’t stomp on Old Man Young’s head!” Dr. Zaius grunted.

Sheriff Popooly came and put Cowpoop in the drunk tank and a stray dog ate Cowpoop’s ear and Dr. Zaius had to sew a piece of leather over the hole.  Old Man Young’s dick turned black and fell off from the tourniquet and Dr. Zaius took a finger off a cadaver and sewed it into his crotch half-assedly, but that eventually rotted and fell off, too, and to top it all off he had one hell of a headache.  Sheriff Popooly put Jimby in the drunk tank with Cowpoop and they buttfucked and then got into an argument and Jimby beat the shit out of Cowpoop.

“No shit packing or beating in the drunk tank, you assheads!” Sherriff Popooly gargled.

“Let Jimby out of the drunk tank, turdface!” Mayor McCheese said.  Mayor McCheese commenced to choke Sherriff Popooly.

Jimby left the drunk tank and rode Boobs back to the ranch, where everybody was drunk and playing checkers.  Gordon vomited all over the checkerboard and everybody beat him up.


Cowboy Bob Goes to the Old Folks’ Home

One day, Cowboy Bob was wandering around the town market, comparison shopping eggplants, when he saw Pap Jackass, his grandfather, moping around the marketplace in an undone bathrobe, his meaty old wrinkly crank dangling uselessly around his knees like the pendulum of a clock made out of taffy.  He was drooling.
“Pap Jackass!” Cowboy Bob called rhythmically.  “What are you doing here?  You’re supposed to be in the old folks’s home!”

Cowboy Bob’s brother, Jimby, and his twin brother Jumby came bounding around a stack of canteloupes they had been testing for jugglability.
“Pap Jackass is here,” said Jimby.
“Yeah,” said Jumby.
Pap Jackass went on drooling.  Then he tripped over a tumbleweed, stumbled, planted his left foot in a spitoon, and shrieked like a shitbird.
“We gotta get him back to the old folks’s home,” said Cowboy Bob.
“Then we should shoot the shit out of the people who run the place,” said Jimby.
“Yeah,” said Jumby.
Just then Old Man Young, an aged old gunslinger who lived in an outhouse no one used anymore on account of it was filled to the brim with excrement, wandered by.  He smelled like freshly-baked seabass rolled around a few hard-boiled eggs, covered in mayonaise and left out in the sun alongside a bloated, decaying woodchuck somebody pissed on.
“AAAARRRRRRGH!” Old Man Young said arrogantly.  “What the hell is Pap Jackass doing wandering around the marketplace with his meaty old ding-dong floppin’ around?”
“He got out of the old folks home,” said Jimby.
“Yeah,” said Jumby.
“Well, let’s take him back,” said Old Man Young.
They put Pap Jackass in a feedbag and strapped him to the back of Boobs, Jimby’s horse, and they all rode out to the old folks’ home.  Gordon sat on the back of Lardass, Jumby’s horse, and vomited on the back of Jumby’s head.  Jumby had vomit caked in his hair.  A sign above the door read: “The Old Folks’ Home.”
“All right,” Cowboy Bob said apathetically as he strode inside.  “Who’s in charge here?”
A weasly little rodent-looking man with buckteeth and an eyepatch came wandering out of some dark room where an old woman was screaming and blubbering about something.
“Don’t mind her,” the guy said romantically.  “She’s drowning in a bowl of oatmeal.”
“You need to take better care of the old folks,” Jimby said merrily.
“Yeah,” said Jumby.
“What do you guys want?” said the little weasely guy.  “You wanna put that old geezer in a room?”
“I’ll show you an old geezer,” Old Man Young said deliciously.  He shot the little guy in the gut.  The guy croaked.
They took Pap Jackass and Gordon’s grandfather, Grandpa Wannabe, out of The Old Folks’ Home and built a little room for them and Old Man Young to live in up in a barn loft.  Sherriff Popooly put Old Man Young in the drunk tank with Gordon, who was jacking off in one of the cots when they arrived.
“Don’t jack off in the drunk tank!” Sherriff Popooly yelled chummily.  Mayor McCheese punched Gordon in the gut.  Gordon vomited on him.
“Don’t punch Gordon in the gut!” Mayor McCheese said lucidly.  Mayor McCheese punched Sherriff Popooly in the mouth.  All his teeth was busted.  Mayor McCheese let Gordon and Old Man Young out of the drunk tank.
That night they all went out the bar and got drunk.  The bartender was bringing them their fifth pitcher when Cowboy Bob noticed something interesting.
“I notice something interesting,” said Cowboy Bob.
“What’s that?” said Old Man Young.
“The town does not have a name,” said Cowboy Bob.
“Neither does the ranch,” said Jimby.
“Yeah,” said Jumby.
“Neither does the bar,” said Gordon.
“Neither do I,” said the bartender.
They all got together and decided to name the town The Town.  They named the ranch The Ranch.  They named the bar The Bar.  The bartender named himself Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Gordon vomited all over the table and named the vomit The Vomit.


Cowboy Bob and the Chinamen

One day Cowboy Bob, Gordon, Jimby and Jumby, and Old Man Young were sitting in The Bar drinking piss warm beer, when a Chinaman walked in.

“A Chinaman just walked in,” said Cowboy Bob.

Gordon, who was busy drinking from the pitcher Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bartender, wrung his dirty rag into after he cleaned up a bunch of spilled beer, stood up.

“Who the hell are you?” Gordon said to the Chinaman.

“My name is Pat,” said the Chinaman.  “Pat Yourass.”

Pat Yourass sat down at the bar.

“You want something to drink, Pat?” said Arnold Scwarzenegger.

“No,” said Pat Yourass.  Pat Yourass pulled a package of cookies out of his pocket and commenced to eat them.

“You have to buy something to eat or drink, or you can’t sit there,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Shut up, fucker,” said Pat Yourass.  Pat Yourass punched Arnold Schwarzenegger in the jaw.

“All right, Pat Yourass,” said Cowboy Bob.  “We don’t put up with no shit from no Chinaman here at The Bar.”

“I don’t give a shit,” said Pat Yourass.  Pat Yourass karate-kicked Cowboy Bob in the face.  Cowboy Bob fell onto the table and knocked everybody’s beer over.

“You fudgepacker!” Gordon bellowed.  He dropped to one knee in front of all the spilled beer and commenced to sob.  “Why?  Why oh why oh why would you do such a thing to such a lowly sort as I?  Was I not a lowly enough man when you, o slant-eyed, vile-hearted bane of mine existence, wandered into The Bar in search of nothing more than a place to eat your cookies?  Oh, good gravy, I now reside in the very abyss of human misery!  You, Pat Yourass, are a cuntlicker!”

Pat Yourass karate kicked Gordon in the face, too.

“That’s it!” Jimby said.  He jumped up from his chair and pulled out his gun.  “No more karate kicking people in The Bar, you cookie-eating craplord!”

“Yeah,” said Jumby.

Jimby shot Pat Yourass in the gut.  Pat Yourass commenced to belch and cough and vomit up mouthfuls of blood and spit it all over the place.  Jumby shot him in the head and his brains splattered all over the floor.  Pat Yourass died.  Gordon vomited on him.

Just then, another Chinaman walked in.

“Another Chinaman just walked in,” said Cowboy Bob.

“Get the fuck outta here, ya dumb chink!” Gordon bellowed.

“Don’t call me a dumb chink,” said the dumb chink.  “My name is Adam.  Adam Lo Ai Kiu.”

“Well get the hell outta here before we shoot the shit outta you,” said Jimby.

“Yeah,” said Jumby.

“You just killed Pat, the wonder boy,” said Adam Lo Ai Kiu.

“I don’t give a shit,” said Jimby.  “We don’t take kindly to Chinaman ‘round these parts.”

“Yeah,” said Jumby.

Adam Lo Ai Kiu karate kicked Jimby in the balls.  Adam Lo Ai Kiu karate kicked Jimby in the head.  Adam Lo Ai Kiu karate kicked Cowboy Bob in the ass.  Adam Lo Ai Kiu karate kicked Cowboy Bob in the ass again.  Adam Lo Ai Kiu karate kicked Gordon in the knee.  Adam Lo Ai Kiu karate kicked Jumby in the throat.  Old Man Young shot Adam Lo Ai Kiu in the chest.

“AAAAARRRRRRRRGHHHHHHAAAAAAAROOOOOOOO!” said Adam Lo Ai Kiu.  All of a sudden blood commenced to soak through his shirt and he laid on the ground, spasming and jittering and twitching and begging for someone to go get Dr. Zaius.

“Dr. Zaius can’t help you, ya dumb chink,” said Cowboy Bob.  “He’s a doctor, not a veterinarian.”  Cowboy Bob stomped on Adam Lo Ai Kiu’s hand.  Adam Lo Ai Kiu went on jittering and writhing in agony.

They set the table back up and found about a billion dollars in Adam Lo Ai Kiu’s wallet and bought a shitload of beer and sat around drinking it while Adam Lo Ai Kiu gurgled in the extremity of his agony and fading consciousness, rolling in the dirty, shitty, dusty floor residue and calling for his mama and gagging as he choked on his own blood.  They all had a good time and got drunk while the Chinaman died on the floor.  Then Sherriff Popooly walked in.

“Sherriff Popooly just walked in,” said Cowboy Bob.

Sherriff Popooly took Adam Lo Ai Kiu’s body and Pat Yourass’s body and took them to the dump, in a pile of dead rats and stray dogs and used bedpans and Bibles.  Then he gave Cowboy Bob, Old Man Young, Gordon, and Jimby and Jumby medals for shooting Chinamen and ridding the town of such odious vermin.

They all stood on a big platform in front of the whole town while  Mayor McCheese and Sherriff Popooly gave them each medals.  Mayor McCheese accidentally poked Cowboy Bob in the tit with his medal.  Cowboy Bob shrieked like a dumb bitch getting a bedpost rammed up her box.

“Don’t make Cowboy Bob shriek like a dumb bitch getting a bedpost rammed up her box!” said Mayor McCheese.  Mayor McCheese kicked Sheriff Popooly in the balls.  Sherriff Popooly fell off the platform and broke his back.  Gordon vomited on him.


Cowboy Bob vs. Cowpoop

One day, Cowboy Bob, his brother Jimby, and Gordon, the town drunk, were all sitting around the saloon, getting loaded, when Cowpoop, Cowboy Bob’s arch enemy, walked in.

“Cowpoop, my arch enemy, just walked in,” Cowboy Bob said.

The batwing doors swung back and forth like batwing doors behind Cowpoop’s lanky frame. The setting sun shone behind him like a rising moon, and Cowboy Bob could just make out the oozing coldsores that lined Cowpoop’s mouth.

“Cowboy Bob!” Cowpoop bellowed shyly. “Let us go the fuck outside and duel, you cuntfaced ballbag!”

Gordon, who was well over six feet tall and 300 pounds, stood up and approached Cowpoop. He reeked of cheap beer, tobacco, and the general stink that results from long-term indifference to life in general.

“You’ll have to get through me, first,” Gordon said.

“Okay,” Cowpoop said, and threw a handful of change onto the bar. “Bartender!” Cowpoop called lovingly. “Get this man three motherfucking boilermakers, you fat, slovenly old buttchunk.” The bartender got them and Gordon sat down on one of the barstools. He drank the boilermakers, then fell out of the stool and onto the floor. He vomited.

“Now,” Cowpoop said contemptuously. “The time has come to settle our score, you old fudgepacker. I will meet you outside.”

Cowboy Bob wandered outside, urinated in the gutter, and took his place in the town square across from Cowpoop. Cowpoop drew his pistol. Cowboy Bob shot it out of his hand. It flew and broke a window. Cowboy Bob shot Cowpoop in the tit. Cowpoop fell in the mud.

“All right, all right!” Sherriff Popouli yelled yellingly. “No more shooting people in the tit in my town!” Sherriff Popouli put Cowboy Bob in the drunk tank, where he was reunited with Gordon, who lay on the floor in a pile of dirty diapers, which Sherriff Popouli had given him to use as a bed.

Sherriff Popouli took Cowpoop to Dr. Zaius, who removed the bullet and sent Cowpoop on his way. Mayor McCheese threw Sherriff Popouli in a Briar patch and spit on him and let Cowboy Bob and Gordon out of the drunk tank.

“Cowboy Bob!” Cowpoop called sweetly, looking back over his shoulder as he rode away. “I will be back, you goddamn jerkoff sonofabitch motherfucking pap smear douchebag whoremaster!”

“I’ll be waiting,” Cowboy Bob said girlishly. Then he went home to his heifer.

The Adventures of Cowboy Bob

Once upon a time there was this Cowboy named Cowboy Bob.  Cowboy Bob lived in this town in the old west and he had a horse named Jackass.  He lived on a ranch with his brothers, Jimby and Jumby, who were identical twins.  He had a heifer named Enrico and he liked to ride around with his brothers and shoot the shit out of people and get drunk at the saloon with Gordon, the town drunk.

One day, Cowboy Bob was riding his horse, Jackass, down the road, when his horse, Jackass, took a shit in the road.

“Don’t shit in the road!” said Cowboy Bob.  Cowboy Bob commenced to whip his horse, Jackass, with a whip.

“Don’t whip your horse, Jackass, with a whip!” Sherriff Popooly yelled abominably.  Sherriff Popooly put Cowboy Bob in the drunk tank.

The toilet in the drunk tank was busted, so Cowboy Bob took a shit in the drunk tank.

“Don’t shit in the drunk tank!” Sherriff Popooly said adorably.  Sherriff Popooly peed on Cowboy Bob.

“Don’t pee on Cowboy Bob!” Mayor McCheese hollered amiably.  Mayor McCheese conked Sherriff Popooly on the head with a hammer.  Sherriff Popooly got knocked out.  Mayor McCheese let Cowboy Bob out of the drunk tank and made Sherriff Popooly clean up all the shit when he woke up.  Cowboy Bob went to the bar and got drunk.